Why Bother with Shiny?

Aimée Gott, Education Practice Lead For the last week we've been talking on the blog and Twitter about some of the functionality in Shiny and how you can learn it. But, if you haven't already made the leap and … Continue reading

eRum 2018 highlights

Aimée Gott, Education Practice Lead I always find it difficult to pick highlights from a conference and the eRum 2018 team did a fantastic job of making it difficult for me once again, so here goes... Day One The … Continue reading

To purrr or not to purrr

Nicolas Attalides, Data Scientist library(purrr) library(magrittr) I first started using R long before the RStudio and tidyverse days... I remember writing chunks of code in a text editor and copy/pasting it into the … Continue reading