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Learning R: Creating Truth Tables

May 27, 2021 | Learning Machines

A short one for today: in this post we will learn how to easily create truth tables with R and will contribute our code to the growing repository of Rosetta code. I hope that you will learn a few tricks along the way, so read on! We have covered bits ... [Read more...]

The Solution to my Viral Coin Tossing Poll

April 28, 2021 | Learning Machines

Some time ago I conducted a poll on LinkedIn that quickly went viral. I asked which of three different coin tossing sequences were more likely and I received exactly 1,592 votes! Nearly 48,000 people viewed it and more than 80 comments are under the post (you need a LinkedIn account to fully see ... [Read more...]

Backtesting Options Strategies with R

April 14, 2021 | Learning Machines

We have already covered the backtesting of trading strategies in this blog (see Backtest Trading Strategies Like a Real Quant), so let us up the ante: if you want to learn how to backtest options strategies, read on! Options trading strategies are strategies where you combine, often several, derivatives instruments ... [Read more...]

Pseudo-Randomness: Creating Fake Noise

March 23, 2021 | Learning Machines

In data science, we try to find, sometimes well-hidden, patterns (= signal) in often seemingly random data (= noise). Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG) try to do the opposite: hiding a deterministic data generating process (= signal) by making it look like randomness (= noise). If you want to understand some basics behind the scenes ... [Read more...]
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