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Mediation, confounding, and measurement error

October 9, 2019 | Kristoffer Magnusson

Mediation might be the ultimate example of how a method continues to be used despite a vast number of papers and textbooks describing the extremely strong assumptions required to estimate unbiased effects. My aim with this post is not to show some fancy method that could help reduce bias; rather ...
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Change over time is not “treatment response”

November 19, 2018 | Kristoffer Magnusson

This will be a non-technical post illustrating the problems with identifying treatment responders or non-responders using inappropriate within-group analyses. Specifically, I will show why it is pointless to try to identify a subgroup of non-responders using a naïve analysis of data from one treatment group only, even though we ...
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Estimating treatment effects and ICCs from (G)LMMs on the observed scale using Bayes, Part 1: lognormal models

August 5, 2018 | Kristoffer Magnusson

When a multilevel model includes either a non-linear transformation (such as the log-transformation) of the response variable, or of the expectations via a GLM link-function, then the interpretation of the results will be different compared to a standard Gaussian multilevel model; specifically, the estimates will be on a transformed scale ... [Read more...]
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