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Improved Python-style Logging in R

March 15, 2017 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 21 of 21 in the series Using RLast August, in Python-style Logging in R, we described using an R script as a wrapper around the futile.logger package to generate log files for an operational R data processing …   read more ... [Read more...]

Introducing the PWFSLSmoke Package

March 11, 2017 | Jonathan Callahan

Mazama Science has just released the PWFSLSmoke package. Source code is available on GitHub. Here is the package description: Utilities for working with air quality monitoring data with a focus on small particulates (PM2.5) generated by wildfire smoke. Functions are provided for …   read more ... [Read more...]

Python style logging in R

August 24, 2016 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 20 of 20 in the series Using RWe are increasingly using R in “operational” settings that require robust error handling and logging. In this post we describe a quick-and-dirty way to get python style multi-level log files …   read more ... [Read more...]

When k-means Clustering Fails

February 2, 2016 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 19 of 19 in the series Using RLetting the computer automatically find groupings in data is incredibly powerful and is at the heart of “data mining” and “machine learning”. One of the most widely used methods …   read more ... [Read more...]

Visualizing Bikeshare Data

November 6, 2015 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 18 of 18 in the series Using RSeattle’s Pronto bikeshare system recently announced a Data Challenge for data visualization using their first year of trip data. As avid cyclists and data analysis junkies, we of course took …   read more ... [Read more...]

MazamaSpatialUtils Package

February 11, 2015 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Using RMazama Science has just released its first package on CRAN — MazamaSpatialUtils. Here is the description: A suite of conversion scripts to create internally standardized spatial polygons dataframes. Utility …   read more ... [Read more...]

R Class for Wildfire Scientists

October 29, 2014 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series Using RMazama Science has just finished creating class materials on using R for the AirFire team at the USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab in Seattle, Washington. This team of …   read more ... [Read more...]

Population Databrowser

May 14, 2014 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series Using RAt Mazama Science we produce web based tools for interrogating important datasets. We are proud to announce the release of a new Population databrowser that allows users to review …   read more ... [Read more...]

Using R — .Call(“hello”)

November 9, 2012 | Jonathan Callahan

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Using RIn an introductory post on R APIs to C code, Calling C Code ‘Hello World!’, we explored the .C() function with some ‘Hello World!’ baby steps.  In this post …   read more ... [Read more...]
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