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Fast and Big Linear Model Fitting with bigmemory and RcppEigen

July 6, 2016

In a previous post, I went over the basics of linking up bigmemory and the eigen C++ library via RcppEigen. In this post I’ll take this a bit further by creating a version of the fastLm() function of RcppEigen that can accept bigmemory objects. By doing so, we will create a fast way to fit...

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Linking bigmemory and RcppEigen

June 3, 2016

The bigmemory package offers a set of tools for R which allow for manipulation larger-than-memory objects within R. It has some basic functions but is certainly not comprehensive. The eigen C++ linear algebra library is a highly efficient numerical linear algebra library and can be interfaced to R through RcppEigen by Douglas Bates and...

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rfunctions Package on Github

March 15, 2014

This post is mostly an attempt to familiarize myself with Rmarkdown, jekyll, and github. I recently posted an R package (rfunctions), which contains some functions I wrote (or modified) that make my life a little easier. I’ll go through some examples in R to highlight the various functions included. Installation rfunctions is not available on CRAN, but can be installed...

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First Post

March 14, 2014

This post is just a test Big Text Markdown seems pretty cool. I’d like to see if I can post a few R examples later

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