Articles by Ignacio Sarmiento Barbieri

RK’s Ford vs Ferrari Revisited

March 5, 2020 | Ignacio Sarmiento Barbieri

A couple of weeks back Roger Koenker reminded me about my post comparing quantreg vs. Rmosek. In Angrist’s application, Rmosek was faster than the traditional Barrondale and Roberts. However, Roger was curious about how it would compare to the interior point algorithms implemented using FORTRAN in quantreg. Here are ... [Read more...]

Mapping Racial Segregation in Chicago

March 23, 2017 | Ignacio Sarmiento Barbieri

This spring break I was reading a couple of papers about segregation in the US (Cutler and Galeser 1997 and Cutler et al 1999). A paragraph on Cutler et al (1999) caught my attention: “Chicago was the most segregated city in 1890, the fourth most segregated city in 1940, the most segregated MSA in 1970, and ...
[Read more...]

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