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D3PartitionR 0.3.0 is available on CRAN

December 2, 2016 | guillotantoine

Yesterday, the new version of D3partitionR was uploaded on CRAN, this version contains some major improvements. 1. General layout: Before this update, the height and width of the widget were somehow messy and so was the global layout. The layout is now the following: Area A: Title area (exists only ...
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An extensive tutorial of D3partitionR 0.2

November 20, 2016 | guillotantoine

Basis and principle of D3partitionR D3partitionR is to plot sequential and hierarchical data using treemap (and circle Tree Map), sunburst and partition chart, collapsible trees (indented or not). The package only has one all-in function called D3partitionR(…) to create a partition chart. Two others functions as renderD3... [Read more...]

Changelog D3PartitionR V0.2

October 16, 2016 | guillotantoine

The V0.2 of D3partitionR is now available on gitlab ! (And will soon be available on the CRAN!) Changelog: New visualisation: collapsible tree Indented collapsible tree 2. New functionalities and improvement Shiny input: The partition charts can now be used as shiny input. Several inputs options are available: the clicked node, ... [Read more...]

Interfacing Shiny with Javascript -Part 1

July 26, 2016 | guillotantoine

A user customized pop-up In this first part, we’ll create a custom pop-up generator: The user enters some text The user clicks to generate the pop-up The pop-up pops up ! Creating the files and folders As usual, you’ll need two files: ui.R and server.R. However, to ...
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WifRA: a quick walkthrough

June 26, 2016 | guillotantoine

After the quick overview, here is a quick walkthrough to some categorical analysis. Open the app: Here 1. Import the data: Here are some homemade data, done with the following R code: set.seed(3467) x=1:400+rnorm(400,0,1) y1=x*2.5+40+rnorm(400,0,50) y2=x*4.5+80+rnorm(400,0,50) group=rep(c('G1','G2'),each=400) x=...
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