Articles by Frans Slothouber

It is good to be explicit

August 6, 2012 | Frans Slothouber

Being careful not to repeat the year 1901 mistake, I set the TZ variable before I run R. I have the same set of data that I convert as follows: dates values date1 date2 and then plot plot( date1, values )plot( date2, values ) To my surprise I end up with the ... [Read more...]

The magic of the year 1901

July 21, 2012 | Frans Slothouber

The year 1901 is rather magical. Well it is for R provided you run it under Linux. Let me show you why. I have four data points, one from 1900, two from 1901, and one from 1902. dates values I convert them in two different ways; as a Date, and as a POSIXct. For ... [Read more...]

Time zones

July 18, 2012 | Frans Slothouber

Say we have some following raw data. It consists of a timestamp and a corresponding value. There is a peak at exactly midnight (00:00:00). Each timestamp is fully specified. It contains a date, a time of day, and a time zone offset indication. In this case +0000, meaning the data is 0 hours ... [Read more...]

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