A Compendium of Clean Graphs in R

[This is a guest post by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Quentin Gronau introducing the RGraphCompendium. Click here to see the full compendium!] Every data analyst knows that a good graph is worth a thousand words, and perhaps a hundred tables. But how should one create a good, clean graph? In R, … Continue reading

What does a Bayes factor feel like?

A Bayes factor (BF) is a statistical index that quantifies the evidence for a hypothesis, compared to an alternative hypothesis (for introductions to Bayes factors, see here, here or here). Although the BF is a continuous measure of evidence, humans love verbal labels, categories, and benchmarks. … Continue reading

A short taxonomy of Bayes factors

I am starting to familiarize myself with Bayesian statistics. In this post I’ll show some insights I had concerning Bayes factors (BF). What are Bayes factors? Bayes factors provide a numerical value that quantifies how well a hypothesis predicts the empirical data relative to a competing … Continue reading

Finally! Tracking CRAN packages downloads

[Update June 12: Data.tables functions have been improved (thanks to a comment by Matthew Dowle); for a similar approach see also Tal Galili's post] The guys from RStudio now provide CRAN download logs (see also this blog post). Great work! I always asked myself, how many people actually download … Continue reading