Articles by Eryk Walczak

PostcodesioR 0.1.1 is on CRAN

August 28, 2019 | Eryk Walczak

Introduction The latest stable version of my UK geocoder package has finally made it to CRAN. PostcodesioR is a wrapper for and it provides multiple functions to work with UK geospatial data. This package is based exclusively on open data provided by Ordnance Survey and Office for National ...
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Book Review – Sound Analysis and Synthesis with R

November 3, 2018 | Eryk Walczak

R might not be the most obvious tool when it comes to analysing audio data. However, an increasing number of packages allows analysing and synthesising sounds. One of such packages is seewave. Jerome Sueur, one of the authors of seewave, now wrote a book about working with audio data in ...
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Spectrograms in R – a gallery

September 1, 2018 | Eryk Walczak

Creating a spectrogram is a basic step in every analysis of audio signals. Spectrograms visualise how frequencies change over a time period. Luckily, there is a selection of R packages that can help with this task. I will present a selection of packages that I like to use. This post ...
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Downloading UK property prices from Zoopla in R

January 6, 2018 | Eryk Walczak

Zoopla allows a limited access to its API providing the latest property prices and area indices. I created a package in R that allows querying this database. See the GitHub documentation or zooplaR’s page for the latest info. You can easily get prices in the last couple of months ...
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Using ESRI shapefiles to create maps in R

April 1, 2016 | Eryk Walczak

R has a number of libraries that can be used for plotting. They can be combined with open GIS data to create custom maps. In this post I’ll demonstrate how to create several maps. First step is getting shapefiles that will be used to create maps. One of the ... [Read more...]

Automatic pitch extraction from speech recordings

May 31, 2015 | Eryk Walczak

I needed to extract mean pitch values from audio recordings of human speech, but I wanted to automate it and easily recreate my analyses so I wrote a couple of scripts that can do it much faster. Here is a recipe for extracting pitch from voice recordings.   Cleaning audio files ... [Read more...]

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