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Fitting Distributions to Data with R

October 31, 2012

In “Fitting Distributions with R” Vito Ricci writes; “Fitting distributions consists in finding a mathematical function which represents in a good way a statistical variable. A statistician often is facing with this problem: he has some observations of a quantitative character and he wishes to test if those observations, being a sample of an unknown population, belong from a...

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An R-based Research Notebook – Test

September 30, 2012

The following are from Tom Torsney-Weir’s blog (here’s the repo). Simple MathJax and R example A more complex example with caching <!--begin.rcode test2,cache=TRUE x.vals <- runif(10) y.vals Another plotting example using ggplot <!--begin.rcode test3,cache=TRUE, message=FALSE library(ggplot2) c Example using googleVis <!--begin.rcode test4,cache=TRUE, message=FALSE, results='asis' suppressPackageStartupMessages(library(googleVis)) ## Table with embedded links PopTable

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September 22, 2012

This post is actually a homework I did. The data file contains input use, output, quantities, costs, and prices for total U.S. nondurable manufacturing for 1949-2001. The data are defined as follows: , , , , = Inputs corresponding to capital, labor, energy, materials, and purchased services, = represents total output, = respective quantity indexes, ...

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