Articles by daniel murphy

Mimic Excel’s Conditional Formatting in R

May 30, 2020 | daniel murphy

The DT package is an interface between R and the JavaScript DataTables library (RStudio DT documentation). In Example 3 (at this page) they show how to heatmap-format a table. This post modifies the example to format each column individually shade in green rather than red use base R syntax rather than ...
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How to Add a Vignette to a Package in RStudio

May 15, 2020 | daniel murphy

R package vignettes are user-friendly ways to demo your package's capabilities. They can also be helpful documentation for your own reference when modifying the package in the future  -- "what was I thinking there?" The easiest way to create a vignette in RStudio is using File | New File | R Markdown | ...
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New R Package ‘foo’ — Updated

April 24, 2020 | daniel murphy

# RUN THESE LINES IN ONE SESSION ... # Navigate where you want your folder to be locatedsetwd("C:/Users/myhandle/Documents/Github")# Run create_package in 'usethis' package and read below what happensusethis::create_package("foo")# A bunch of stuff shows up in the console including line below.# ✔ Opening 'foo/' in ...
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