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Automating Basic EDA

January 22, 2018 | Anup Nair

In any model development exercise, a considerable amount of time is spent in understanding the underlying data, visualizing relationships and validating preliminary hypothesis (broadly categorized as Exploratory data Analysis). A key element of EDA involves visually analyzing the data to glean valuable insights and understand underlying relationships & patterns in the ...
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Key Phrase Extraction from Tweets

April 2, 2017 | Anup Nair

In a previous post of mine published at DataScience+, I analyzed the text of the first presidential debate using relatively simple string manipulation functions to answer some high level questions from the available text. In this post, we leverage a few other NLP techniques to analyze another text corpus – A ... [Read more...]

Analyzing the first Presidential Debate

October 3, 2016 | Anup Nair

A significant chunk of the data that we encounter on a daily basis is available in an unstructured, free text format. Hence, the ability to glean useful bits of information from this unstructured pile can be quite valuable. In this post, we will attempt a basic analysis of the text ... [Read more...]

R Programming – Pitfalls to avoid (Part 1)

September 5, 2016 | Anup Nair

As we continue to program in R, all of us would have inevitably encountered multiple errors or bugs in our code. Not all programming errors are created equal – Many of the errors we encounter are pretty straight-forward to deal with, with clear, unambiguous error messages that a little googling (or ... [Read more...]

Plotting App for ggplot2 (Part 2)

May 11, 2016 | Anup Nair

Through this post, I would like to provide an update to my plotting app, which I first blogged about here. The app is available as part of my package RtutoR, which is published on CRAN.(The app is also hosted at However, unlike the package version, you would ...
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Plotting App for ggplot2

April 5, 2016 | Anup Nair

Through this post, I would like to share an update to my RTutoR package. The first version of this package included an R Basics Tutorial App which I published earlier at DataScience+ The updated version of this package, which is now on CRAN, includes a plotting app. This app provides ... [Read more...]

Interactive Performance Evaluation of Binary Classifiers

March 19, 2016 | Anup Nair

Through this post I would like to describe a package that I recently developed and published on CRAN. The package titled IMP (Interactive Model Performance) enables interactive performance evaluation & comparison of (binary) classification models. There are a variety of different techniques available to assess model fit and to evaluate the ...
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Developing a R Tutorial shiny dashboard app

March 9, 2016 | Anup Nair

Through this post, I would like to describe a R Tutorial Shiny app that I recently developed. You can access the app here. (Please open the app on Chrome as some of the features may not work on IE. The app also includes a “ReadMe” introduction which provides a quick ...
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