Articles by Andrew Z

List of user-installed R packages and their versions

June 9, 2015 | Andrew Z

This R command lists all the packages installed by the user (ignoring packages that come with R such as base and foreign) and the package versions. ip rownames(ip) ip print(ip, row.names=FALSE) Example output Package Version bitops 1.0-6 BradleyTerry2 1.0-6 brew 1.0-6 brglm 0.5-9 car 2.0-25 caret 6.0... [Read more...]

Autocommit with ceODBC is slow

February 10, 2015 | Andrew Z

You already know that a SQL INSERT is faster with bulk loading than inserting a record at a time, but what about the effect of autocommit on performance? While this is probably not specific to ceODBC, using autocommit is astonishingly slow. Here is how slow. First, the Python code to ... [Read more...]

Fibonacci sequence in R and SAS

December 5, 2014 | Andrew Z

Because the Fibonacci sequence is simply defined by recursion, it makes for an elegant programming exercise. Here is one way to do it in SAS, and another way to do it in R. I've also included unit testing code to check that it works. Fibonacci sequence in SAS using a ... [Read more...]

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