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R code to obtain and plot rainfall data for the whole world

If you want to create rainfall maps for the whole world in R there is no readily available code or package to do this. Moreover, data publicly available from research institutions is not generally in plain text format or other familiar formats. Hydrological and climatological studies sometimes require rainfall data over the entire world for long periods of time....

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R code for generating multi-site stochastic precipitation

In water resource management, climate change, hydrology and related disciplines long time series of precipitation/rainfall data is required. Since historical records are relatively short, typically 50 years or less, mathematical/statistical models are ...

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Fixing non positive definite correlation matrices using R

Problem When a correlation or covariance matrix is not positive definite (i.e., in instances when some or all eigenvalues are negative), a cholesky decomposition cannot be performed. Sometimes, these eigenvalues are very small negative numbers and occur due to rounding or due to noise in the data. In simulation studies a known/given correlation has to be imposed on an input...

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