Cryptocurrency Market Data in R

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Getting cryptocurrency OHLCV data in R without having to depend on low-level coding using, for example, curl or httr2, have not been easy for the R community.

There is now a high-level API Client available on CRAN which fetches all the market data without having to rely on web-scrapers, API keys or low-level coding.

Bitcoin Prices in R (Example)

This high-level API-client have one main function, getQuotes(), which returns cryptocurrency market data with a xts– and zoo-class. The returned objects contains Open, High, Low, Close and Volume data with different granularity, from the currently supported exchanges.

In this blog post I will show how to get hourly Bitcoin (BTC) prices in R
using the getQuotes()-function. See the code below,
# 1) getting hourly BTC
# from the last 3 days

BTC <- cryptoQuotes::getQuote(
 ticker   = "BTCUSDT", 
 source   = "binance", 
 futures  = FALSE, 
 interval = "1h", 
 from     = as.character(Sys.Date() - 3)
Bitcoin (BTC) OHLC-prices (Output from getQuote-function)
Index Open High Low Close Volume
2023-12-23 19:00:00 43787.69 43821.69 43695.03 43703.81 547.96785
2023-12-23 20:00:00 43703.82 43738.74 43632.77 43711.33 486.4342
2023-12-23 21:00:00 43711.33 43779.71 43661.81 43772.55 395.6197
2023-12-23 22:00:00 43772.55 43835.94 43737.85 43745.86 577.03505
2023-12-23 23:00:00 43745.86 43806.38 43701.1 43702.16 940.55167
2023-12-24 43702.15 43722.25 43606.18 43716.72 773.85301

The returned Bitcoin prices from getQuotes() are compatible with quantmod and TTR, without further programming. Let me demonstrate this using chartSeries(), addBBands() and addMACD() from these powerful libraries,

# charting BTC
# using quantmod
 x = BTC,
 TA = c(
    # add bollinger bands
    # to the chart
    # add MACD indicator
    # to the chart
 theme = quantmod::chartTheme("white")
Cryptocurrency charts using R
Charting Bitcoin prices using quantmod and TTR

Installing cryptoQuotes

Stable version

# install from CRAN
  pkgs = 'cryptoQuotes',
  dependencies = TRUE

Development version

# install from github
  repo = '',
  ref = 'main'

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