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The Appsilon Shiny Conference begins next week! And yes, there’s still time to register at the Shiny Conference Hopin!

Whether a Shiny beginner or an experienced web developer, the Shiny Conference is one event you won’t want to miss. Level up your domain knowledge with introductory workshops and masterclasses. Discover new innovations, unique concepts, and code demonstrations. Stay up to date with industry standards, best practices, and more.

Engage with the community. Share your ideas. Get answers to your questions. And learn from top Shiny experts.

Shiny Workshops

Demand for data scientists and web developers with knowledge of R and Shiny is increasing. If you’re looking to join an analytics team at a large enterprise or add to your organization’s data analysis and machine learning tool belt, now’s the time to level up your Shiny skills. Career prospects are excellent and new technologies are encouraging wider adoption.

Should your enterprise be using R Shiny? 6 Lessons for building enterprise Shiny apps.

Shiny is being used to create engaging and interactive applications with increasingly creative use-cases. In the conference Workshops, you’ll learn from experts in their fields and how to improve your craft.

Masterclass: Top Innovations in Shiny in 2022

Workshop Host(s): Anna Skrzydło, Senior Project Manager at Appsilon; Pedro Silva, Staff Engineer & Data Science Consultant at Appsilon; Marcin Dubel, R Shiny Senior Software Engineer at Appsilon


  • Pedro Silva: How to make your dashboards stand out?

Shiny is an amazing tool to quickly get your dashboard ideas out of the ground! But the base shiny components can be… bland and boring. So what can you as a developer do to stand out from your typical shiny dashboard look?

Join me in this masterclass as we dive into what it takes to build dashing dashboard components – from existing ready-to-use solutions to leveraging web technologies and techniques to build fully customizable components from the ground up.

Learn how to make a video game with R Shiny! Watch Pedro Silva’s video game tutorial in R Shiny.

  • Anna Skrzydło: How to build user-centric applications?

Users are the heart of any application. Users are the sense of the existence of each and every application. If you want your app to be successful – it needs to have users. And the best way to gain users is to listen to them.

Making sure that the user is in the center of the app development isn’t solely the job of a UX designer. Ensuring that the user adoption is high isn’t only the interest of a Product Owner. It is the joint effort of the whole project team. Join me during the masterclass to hear about three pillars that we use in Appsilon to keep the user in the center of the app development: prototypingtesting, and measurement.

UX Design of Shiny Apps: 7 steps to design dashboards that people will love.

  • Marcin Dubel: How to build Shiny testing architecture?

Shiny is known as an excellent tool for building fast application prototypes. Shiny App is intuitive, simple, and can be created by R users even without the common software development skillset.

Nevertheless, to move applications into the mature, production level there is a need for proper testing architecture. As Shiny is providing both web frontend and backend R logic it is not a trivial task to do. What is more important, having tests written is only the first step. In production applications, we need to make sure that tests are automatically triggered. No change that breaks the tests should be introduced into the code.

Join me during the masterclass to hear about how in Appsilon we implement all the testing levels to keep our applications top production quality.

Learn how to win the RStudio Shiny Contest with Marcin Dubel!

Workshop: Shiny – Powerful Web Apps for Everyone

Workshop Host: Krystian Igras, Scientific Software Engineer / R & Shiny Developer at 7N


Do you work with data on a daily basis but lack an idea of how to share the results?

Are you looking for a simple solution for creating web applications, or interested in what opportunities R can open up for you? If so, the solution is here – the Shiny R package.

This workshop is for all skill levels. There’ll be something for everyone, regardless of your level of R knowledge. During the two-hour session, we’ll go through the full process of creating a Shiny app. We’ll

start with its basic structure. And end with publishing a fully functional application. During the training, you’ll learn how to:

  • collect the user input,
  • create a reactive application graph,
  • display interesting results based on user input,
  • modularize the code,
  • build a dynamic structure of the application,
  • and add your own application styling or expand Shiny’s capabilities with Java Script.


Shiny Tutorials

The Shiny ecosystem is more accessible and inviting than ever before. These days it’s hard to imagine data storytelling without including Shiny in the conversation. In the conference’s tutorials section, you’ll hear from experts in a variety of fields to share how to leverage Shiny concepts to improve your Shiny experience and improve your app development.

Dynamically Adding and Removing Shiny Modules

Speaker: Jonas Hagenberg, PhD Student at Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry


As the complexity of Shiny apps increases, the code base gets more and more confusing. Modules are the Shiny built-in solution to manage this complexity. One advantage of modules is that they allow code reuse as a module can be called several times in a Shiny app. This is even possible during runtime by the user of the app. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how you can dynamically add and remove modules. For this, I will first discuss how this concept works and which parts in the Shiny code are required for this. Then, I will code an example app to demonstrate this functionality.

Evaluate Values from Dynamically Produced UI Modules

Speaker: Aaron Clark, Senior Data Scientist at Biogen


[This] tutorial helps developers dynamically produce multiple UI elements using shiny modules to collect data from users, and pass that data back up to a top-level module to evaluate the information into executable R code, used for creating new columns in data.frames on the fly.

Building Custom Bootstrap Cards with Shiny

Speaker: Michael Thomas, Chief Data Scientist at Ketchbrook Analytics


This video tutorial will cover how to create a custom bootstrap card using functions from the {shiny} package. The goal is to replicate a chunk of HTML code using functions from {shiny} (with the exception of the `shiny::HTML()` function). The purpose is to create modular R code that allows you to quickly re-create any bootstrap component you wish to include in your Shiny app.

Shiny Weekly

If you’re a Shiny enthusiast consider signing up for the Shiny Weekly Newsletter for weekly updates on all things Shiny. Learn how you can advocate Shiny technology in your team. And discover interesting tutorials and applications from the global Shiny community.

If you can’t make it to the conference, Shiny Weekly will be an easy way to get recorded versions of the live presentations sent directly to your inbox. You can also keep an eye on the Appsilon YT channel. We will post conference content with captioning where available.

Remember, you can register for free at the Appsilon Shiny Conference Hopin. Invite your coworkers and discover how you can grow with Shiny!

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