RStudio at R/Pharma 2021

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

R/Pharma is here! Running until November 4th, this free conference focuses on the use of R and other open-source software in the development of pharmaceuticals. We are excited to announce various workshops and sessions led by our RStudio colleagues. Register for the event to learn how RStudio is supporting open source in pharma.

October 28th

  • Workshop: Clinical Tables in gt, hosted by Rich Iannone (registration closed)

November 1st

  • Workshop: R Admin – RStudio Connect, hosted by Kelly O’Briant (registration page)

November 2nd

  • Keynote: The gt Package: Past, Present, and Future, hosted by Rich Iannone

Rich introduces gt, a package that creates customizable tables in R, and describes its history and evolution over time.

November 3rd

  • Talk: Survival analysis with tidymodels: The censored package, hosted by Max Kuhn and Hannah Frick

Max and Hannah describe tidymodels design goals, show some syntax for modeling, and describe subsequent additions.

November 4th

  • Panel: Scaling R and Shiny, Winston Chang (RStudio) is joining David Edwards (Amgen), David Granjon (Novartis), Eric Nantz (Eli Lily), and Hanni Willenbrock Thomsen (Novo Nordisk)

Join Winston and other thought leaders for a panel on shaping the future of reporting in clinical studies.

Find out more about R/Pharma on their website, where you can see the conference agenda and links to all workshops. Interested in seeing what R/Pharma 2020 was like? Session videos are available on YouTube.

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