Using RSelenium to scrape a paginated HTML table

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Trying to answer this question on stackoverflow about scraping I was interested to take RSelenium for a spin.

Few years ago, Selenium and R weren’t particularly friends (Python+Selenium were more used for instance) but it seems to have changed. Package author and rOpenSci works and documentation did it.

After few tries with xpath spellings, I have found RSelenium pretty nice actually. I share here some recipes in this context: when you want to scrape a paginated table that is not purely HTML but a result of embedded javascript execution in browser.

A thing that wans’t particularly easy in Selenium at the beginning was how to extract sub-elements like html table code and not “source page as a whole”. I have used innerHTML attribute for this.

This example explains how emulate clicks can be done to navigate from elements to others in the HTML page, and a more focus point on moving from page to page in a paginated table.

Here is a youtube video with subtitles I have made to illustrate it (no voice).

  • First step to follow is to download a selenium-server-xxx.jar file here, see this vignette.
  • and run in the terminal : java -jar selenium-server-standalone-xxx.jar
  • then you can inspect precisely elements of the HTML page code in browser and go back and forth between RStudio and the emulated browser (right click, inspect element)
  • at the end use rvest to parse html tables

for instance find an id like league-chemp that we are using with RSelenium:

capture html

elem_chemp <- remDr$findElement(using="xpath", value="//*[@id='league-chemp']").

Here is a gist/snippets on github.

Also see the gist embedded below.


# java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.9.1.jar 


remDr <- remoteDriver(
  remoteServerAddr = "localhost",
  port = 4444L, # change port according to terminal 
  browserName = "firefox"

# remDr$getStatus()

# find championship table in html via xpath
elem_chemp <- remDr$findElement(using="xpath", value="//*[@id='league-chemp']")

# move to this table via script (optional)
remDr$executeScript("arguments[0].scrollIntoView(true);", args = list(elem_chemp))

# scrape the html table as a tibble
results_champ <- read_html(elem_chemp$getElementAttribute('innerHTML')[[1]]) %>% 
  html_table() %>% .[[1]] %>% 

# find player table in html via xpath
elem_player_page_number <- remDr$findElement(using="xpath", value="//*[@id='league-players']")
# find it using html id directly
# elem_player_page_number <- remDr$findElement(using="id", value = "league-players")

# find number of pages of this paginated table
player_page_number <- read_html(elem_player_page_number$getElementAttribute('innerHTML')[[1]]) %>% 
  html_nodes('') %>% 
  html_attr('data-page') %>% 
  as.integer() %>% 

# move to this table via script
remDr$executeScript("arguments[0].scrollIntoView(true);", args = list(elem_player_page_number))

# or scroll at the bottom of page
# body_b <- remDr$findElement("css", "body")
# body_b$sendKeysToElement(list(key = "end"))
# then you can go to top
# body_b$sendKeysToElement(list(key = "home"))

i <- 4
one_table_at_a_time <- function(i){
  # move on the desired page
  elem_click <- remDr$findElement('xpath', 
                                             //*[normalize-space(@data-page) = "{i}"]'))
  remDr$mouseMoveToLocation(webElement = elem_click)
  # get the table for 10 players
  elem_player <- remDr$findElement(using="xpath", value="//*[@id='league-players']")
  results_player <- read_html(elem_player$getElementAttribute('innerHTML')[[1]]) %>% 
  message('Player table scraped, page ', i)
  results_player %>% 
    .[[1]] %>% 
    filter(! %>% 

# one_table_at_a_time(3) %>% View
# loop over pages
resu <- 1:player_page_number %>% purrr::map_df(one_table_at_a_time)

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