Online course: Survey Analysis in R with Thomas Lumley

On March 20, Thomas Lumley, the creator of the R Package “Survey”, will give an online course (in titled “Survey Analysis in R The purpose of this 4-week online course, is to teach survey researchers who are familiar with R how to use it in survey research. The course uses Lumley’s Survey package. You will learn how to describe to R the design of a survey; both simple and complex designs are covered. You will then learn how to produce descriptive statistics and graphs with the survey data, and also to perform regression analysis on the data. The instructor Thomas Lumley, PHD, is a Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Auckland and an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington. He has published numerous journal articles in his areas of research interest, which include regression modeling, clinical trials, statistical computing, and survey research. The course requires about 15 hours per week and there are no set hours when you must be online. Participants can ask questions and exchange comments directly with Dr. Lumley via a private discussion board throughout the period. You can register to this online course by clicking here.  (use the promo code “LumleyR”, to get a 10% discount)   Course Program:

WEEK 1: Describing the Survey Design to R

  • The usual ‘with-replacement’ approximation
    • svydesign()
    • svrepdesign()
  • Database-backed designs for large surveys
  • Full description of multistage surveys
  • Creating replicate weights for a design: as.svrepdesign()

WEEK 2: Summary Statistics

  • Computing summary statistics and design effects.
  • Extracting information from result objects
  • Tables of summary statistics
  • Contingency tables: svychisq(), svyloglin()

WEEK 3: Graphics

  • Boxplots, histograms, plots of tabular data.
  • Strategies for weighting in scatterplots: bubble plots, hexagonal binning, transparency
  • Scatterplot smoothers.

WEEK 4: Regression

  • Linear models
  • Generalized linear models
  • Proportional odds and other cumulative link models
  • Survival analysis
You can register to this online course by clicking here.  (use the promo code “LumleyR”, to get a 10% discount)

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