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Hello dear R community, In the past few months I have rolled out a bunch of new features to R-bloggers, and I wanted to raise awareness to them.  Please consider giving some of these a try and leave me any feedback that you have (by leaving a comment on this post): Comments – it is now possible to leave comments in posts on R-bloggers.  Please note that if your intention is to get a response from the author of the post (article), you should go over to his original post and comment there.  The purpose of the commenting system on R-bloggers is primarily to allow the (over) 5000 readers of R-bloggers to share their opinions and ideas with one another. Chatting – You can use the new chatting system by simply typing your name (that is, without a need for a password, though you can also login using facebook).  Since R-bloggers has between 200 and 600 visitors on the site at any given moment, a chatting system might prove to be interesting for some of you.  If you are interested in using it for asking questions, please consider first to use one of the following sites: CrossValidated or the R tag in StackOverFlow – they both offer easy login, and many known R users are there.  If you do not get your answer, the R help mailing list is the place but be sure to read the posting guide first (in order to avoid some prickly answers).  BTW, there is an R chat room on stackoverflow. Related aRticles – At the end of every post in R-bloggers, there is now a link to 3 other (somehow) related posts from the R-blogosphere. More stable – A few months ago I upgraded the hosting plan of this site (again) and so far it seems that the site is crashing much less (once a month and less), and loading faster – yay. The R graph gallery widget – You can see the R graph gallery widget on the right-sidebar of the homepage, showing a random collection of cool R graphics.  My thanks goes to Romain Francois for the cross linking. Smartphone theme – R-bloggers should now look “easier to read” on smartphones.  You can turn this theme off at the bottom of every page. Ads and sponsoring – o.k., these are the only “bad” news today.  Google adsense decided that I am actively clicking ads on R-bloggers (which I wasn’t), and suspended my google adsense account.  That means that the major cash flow for R-bloggers has stopped.  I have since moved to adbrite ads which do not manage to cover my monthly hosting bills.  You can help in several ways:  1) if you are interested in placing an ad on R-bloggers (and do not deal with spamming or kitty porn), please contact me.  2) if you work at google and can help me clear this mess – it would be lovely (again – please contact me).   Final words – By sharing R-bloggers with your friends (through e-mails, facebook-likes, linking to R-bloggers from your homepage, etc…) – you are making the biggest contribution to the success of the site (and, I wish to hope, to spreading the word about the R project) – thank you for any support you are making.   Yours truly, Tal Galili

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