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R function to reverse and complement a DNA sequence

November 13, 2008
R function to reverse and complement a DNA sequence

Warning!! This post is intended for documentation only. I would like to remind everyone (me in first place!) that the comp() function of the (seqinr) package can complement a DNA sequence, and rev() function of Rbase can reverse a character vector. Using a combination of the two you can reverse, complement, and reverse complement sequences

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Modeling Financial Time Series with S-PLUS

November 12, 2008

Although S-plus is the most terrible language I have ever used in terms of debugging (I have to say that, no offense to S-plus fans, as my colleagues said, it is hard to understand it is still existed in 21 centuary), I found the S-plus scripts accomp...

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Saving a Workspace

November 11, 2008

R will can save the users workspace at the end of a session so that he can take it up again where he left off. I personally don't like doing this but there are times when one would want to save their work, especially after complex and time consuming co...

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Quantitative Risk Management R package

I shared an Econometric tools for performance and risk analysis package in R, today I introduce another Quantitative Risk Management R package, which is accompanying the book Quantitative Risk Management: Concepts, Techniques and Tools by Alexander J....

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