useR 2009 in Rennes: Recap and slides

July 12, 2009

I spent most of last week in Rennes, the capital of Brittany in France,
as it was time for
UseR! 2009,
the annual R conference. Francois Husson, Aline Legrand and others at the
Agrocampus Ouest had put together a really well-run conference, and it was a
pleasure to reconnect with so many people. It was also pretty nice to walk
around town and see bits and pieces of the
Tombees de la nuit festival
which happened at the same time.

As last year (and again at the BoC in December), I presented a three-hour
tutorial on high-performance computing with R. This covers profiling,
vectorisation, interfacing compiled code, debugging, parallel computing, as
well as scripting and automation. Slides, and a 2-up version, are now on my

I also gave two regular conference presentations. The first was on my
Rcpp and
RInside packages
which facilitate interfacing R and C++. The second talk, based on joint work
with Charles Blundell, describes our cran2deb system for creating Debian
packages of essentially all CRAN
packages. I will try to follow up on this with another post. Slides from
these talks are also on my

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