Testing highlight.js with r code

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I searched for a javascript plugin to highlighter code, but obviously not any code. I needed to higlight R. Finally I founded highlight.js. Highlights.js is pretty cool for many reasons. I like Highlights.js because:

  1. Support R lenguage.
  2. It's easy to use. Works automatically. That's mean you don't have to put the code what are you writing. Highloght it does alone.
  3. A lot of styles.
  4. And yep! Again! Support R lenguage.

centre <- function(x, type, ...) {
         mean = mean(x),
         median = median(x),
         trimmed = mean(x, trim = .1))

foo "bar" baz
# test "test"
"test # test"

And an example of python code:

def cov(x,y):
    n = len(x)
    xmn = mean(x)
    ymn = mean(y)
    xdeviations = [0]*len(x)
    ydeviations = [0]*len(y)
    for i in range(len(x)):
        xdeviations[i] = x[i] - xmn
        ydeviations[i] = y[i] - ymn
    ss = 0.0
    for i in range(len(xdeviations)):
        ss = ss + xdeviations[i]*ydeviations[i]
    return ss/float(n)
def cor(x,y):
    return cov(x,y)/(var(x)*var(y))**.5


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