Slides of 10+ talks at R Users Groups

August 29, 2011

Links to slides of 10+ talks at R Users Groups in Australia are provided below. Slides of the talks are downloadable at the links, including R codes if any.

MelbURN: Melbourne Users of R Network:

  • Experiences with using R in credit risk
  • R and industry: some (helpful) tips
  • How to be smooth
  • Creating R packages
  • What my R code looks and feels like
  • Reproducible research and R Workflow
  • Consulting, tools, and a big picture
  • To R and not to R, and when

CanRUG: Canberra R Users Group:

  • The data.table package

SURF: Sydney Users of R Forum:

some talks accessible to members only

  • The statisical analysis & modelling of AFL
  • RapidMiner & R integration
  • Introduction to RExcel
  • The power of graphics in R

To collect links to talks at R Users Groups, a webpage was created at RDataMining website. If you’d like to have some slides of similar talks added to the page, please feel free to send the links to me at yanchang(at) Thanks.

Yanchang Zhao


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