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August 19, 2010

(This article was first published on Revolutions, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

The fine folks at Statistics.com have a number of courses related to R coming up in the next few months, including what looks to be a very useful course in handling data with R from none other than R Core Team member Paul Murrell. The courses from Statistics.com are on-line, so you can participate on your own schedule and time zone. Well worth checking out if you're looking to complement your R skills. The detailed course announcement is after the jump.

Statistics.com: R courses

You are seven times as likely to change cellphone providers the month after a friend does. This tidbit comes from an article in Forbes.com about Norman Nie and his company "Revolution Analytics," which makes powerful "accessories" to the open source statistical software program R. R is indeed powerful, but sometimes needs more coding to accomplish things that other programs can do more concisely. And for that, you’ll need a facility with the more fundamental data handling capabilities of R. “Introduction to R – Data Handling” with Paul Murrell (a leading figure in the R community) will be offered Sept. 17 – Oct. 15 at statistics.com.

Upcoming Courses:

Sep 17: Introduction to R – Data Handling (see below)

Oct 8: Programming in R

Oct 15: Introduction to R - Statistical Analysis

Oct 22: Statistical Analysis of Microarray Data with R

Nov 5: Graphics in R

Nov 19: Introduction to Support Vector Machines in R

“Introduction to R – Data Handling” will provide a basic introduction to R, and its use in organizing and exploring data. The emphasis is on understanding and working with fundamental R data structures, and we will introduce some basic R programming techniques. Once you've completed this course you'll be able to enter, save, retrieve, manipulate, and summarize data using R; you will also have the proper foundation to build your programming skills in R and take advantage of the full power of R.

Dr. Murrell is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Statistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Paul has been a member of the core development team for R since 1999, with a focus on the graphics system in R. He is the past Chair of the Section for Statistical Graphics of the American Statistical Association. He has recently served as Editor-in-Chief of “R News”, the newsletter of the R project, and is an Associate Editor for “Computational Statistics” and “The Journal of Statistical Software”. Participants can ask questions and exchange comments with Dr. Murrell via a private discussion board throughout the period.

The course takes place online at statistics.com in a series of 4 weekly lessons and assignments, and requires about 15 hours/week. Participate at your won convenience; there are no set times when you are required to be online.

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