R 2.9.1, CRANberries outage, and missing Java support

June 27, 2009

(This article was first published on dirk.eddelbuettel, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Just a short note that version 2.9.1 of R was released yesterday. And a corresponding Debian release went out as usual on the same day. One sour note: as the Java toolchain is currently broken, I had to disable compile-time support for Java. Just run R CMD javareconf once installed if you need it.

Speaking of broken, I had neither noticed that this R version now returns an additional field (for the repository) in the per-package metadata via available.packages(), nor that this change had broken my oh-so-useful and increasingly popular CRANberrries html and rss summaries of CRAN changes. So with the usual beta and rc releases or R 2.9.1 in Debian starting a week prior, CRANberries had been silent for six days from Friday the 21st to last Thursday. I rectified it once I noticed, and changed the code to no longer fall on its nose at that spot. Sorry for the few days without service.

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