R 2.12.1 scheduled for December 16

December 6, 2010

The next update to R will be a patch release: R 2.12.1 will be released on December 16, as announced today by the R Core Team. As is typical for a patch release, this version will include some minor bug fixes plus a few new features (from the current build's NEWS file):

  • The DVI/PDF reference manual now includes the help pages for all the standard packages: splines, stats4 and tcltk were previously omitted (intentionally).
  • http://www.rforge.net has been added to the default set of repositories known to setRepositories().
  • xz-utils has been updated to version 5.0.0.
  • reshape() now makes use of sep when forming names during reshaping to wide format. (PR#14435)
  • legend() allows the length of lines to be set by the end user via the new argument seg.len.
  • New reference class utility methods copy, field, getRefClass and getClass have been added.
  • When a character value is used for the EXPR argument in switch(), a warning is given if more than one unnamed alternative value is given. This will become an error in R 2.13.0.
  • StructTS(type = "BSM") now allows series with just two seasons. (Reported by Birgit Erni.)

r-announce mailing list: R 2.12.1 scheduled for December 16

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