Program for useR! 2011 available

July 28, 2011

The final program for the worldwide user conference, useR! 2011, is now available as a downloadable booklet (PDF, 7Mb). Revolution Analytics is very proud to sponsor this annual gathering of R users from around the world, and the program includes an outstanding lineup of speakers from the R Core Group, package developers, users in industry and academia, and the community at large.

A couple of handy tips from the booklet for anyone travelling to Coventry for the conference:

  • The University is not in the town of Warwick (which is about 8 miles away), and it is not the same as Coventry University (which is a different university, located in the centre of Coventry). This is important when telling taxi drivers where you want to be!
  • There will be Wi-Fi available to attendees at the conference location, but only wired connections at the on-campus accommodations. Bring an ethernet cable!

We have a contingent of folks heading over from the Revolution Analytics team — keep an eye out for:

We look forward to seeing you there!

useR 2011: The R User Conference 2011 

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