NppToR 2.5.0

October 18, 2010

NppToR 2.5.0 is finally here. There were some major changes in the functionality. First, which will be the biggest for most people is that NppToR 2.5 supports R-2.12.0 which was just released. The new dual file structure for R beaks the spawning procedure in previous versions of NppToR.

Another big change is handling settings. NppToR previously masked the settings in a user profile, but now NppToR also reads those files in and does noting to mask the Console settings besides the enforcement of Single Document Interface (SDI mode).

One big change is that the syntax highlighter has been removed, this was partially by choice, partially not. The tools I was using with ruby no longer with the newest versions. So failure to compile was one issue, when faced with updating the code base I found that I personally rarely use the custom syntax, and usually default to the built in language, which has improved since first introduced. These and the lack of time, convinced me that it is time to retire that portion.

This does have some changes in the code base, so it is quite likely that there will be bugs introduced. I am always happy to hear that people are finding bugs (that means people are using it), so please report then and I can fix it before it prevent someone else from adopting it.

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