NFL Player Tree (Using R)

December 31, 2013

NFL Player Tree

Inspired by the soccer player tree in an earlier post, I pulled some recent National Football League player attributes from EA Sports’s Madden 25 (players ranked at least 95):

I used R to do the heavy statistical lifting and used the package ggplot2 to get the nice tree plot.

Without getting into all of the nuances that I did with the soccer version, here is the NFL player tree, color-coded by position type

By Position Type:  Quick takeaways:
  1. Andy Lee is a punter with similar attributes to top quarterbacks
  2. Cameron Wake is a lineman who may be better as a linebacker
  3. Offensive lineman are the most opposite to the skill players
  4. The tree has three major branches (generalized as follows):
    1. Skill players
    2. Defensive backs/Linebackers
    3. Offensive line

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