Health Care Reform vote

March 21, 2010

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A little bit of churn relative to the House’s 1st shot at this but otherwise a remarkably similar vote, with an estimated cutpoint almost at the same place; see some raw R output, below the fold, after the thumbnail…

y is the vote to take up the Senate amendments; yEarly is the previous go at this by the House:

y        0   1   NA
  0    206   6    0
  1      8 211    0
  NA     1   3    4

Probits of the votes against ideal points:

> coef(m1)
(Intercept)           x
 -0.7004063  -3.4044442
> coef(mEarly)
(Intercept)           x
 -0.7372492  -3.3910989


> -coef(m1)[1]/coef(m1)[2]
> -coef(mEarly)[1]/coef(mEarly)[2]

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