Examples on Clustering with R

August 25, 2011

R code examples on various clustering techniques are available as “Clustering in R” in Chapter 4 of R & Bioconductor Manual by Thomas Girke, UC Riverside.

It provides R examples on
– Hierarchical Clustering, including tree cutting/coloring and heatmaps,
– Bootstrap Analysis in Hierarchical Clustering, QT (quality threshold ) clustering,
– K-means, PAM, CLARA
– Fuzzy Clustering, Self-Organizing Map (SOM),
– Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Multidimensional Scaling (MDS),
– Biclustering, and
– Similarity Measures for Clustering Results.

The code examples are easy to read and follow.

To try clustering exercises on above techniques, simply follow the instructions of exercises to download the R codes,  the dataset and required packages.

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