Day #13 more plots, colors and loess smoothing

March 29, 2011

(This article was first published on Stageverloop Kris » R-En, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Yesterday I tried to insert some more R code into knime. scatterplot smoothed density library(“geneplotter”)  ## from BioConductor require(“RColorBrewer”) ## from CRAN x1  <- matrix(rnorm(1e4), ncol=2) x2  <- matrix(rnorm(1e4, mean=3, sd=1.5), ncol=2) x   <- rbind(x1,x2) layout(matrix(1:4, ncol=2, byrow=TRUE)) op <- par(mar=rep(2,4)) smoothScatter(x, nrpoints=0) smoothScatter(x) smoothScatter(x, nrpoints=Inf, colramp=colorRampPalette(brewer.pal(9,”YlOrRd”)), bandwidth=40) colors  <- densCols(x) plot(x, col=colors, pch=20) par(op) […]

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