Coming to R from SQL, Python, SAS, Matlab, or Lisp

January 14, 2010

The theme of last week’s meetup of the New York R User Group was The R Rosetta Stone and focused on translating between R and other data languages: SAS, Matlab, SQL, Python and Clojure. I really wish I’d been there, because it’s a great topic — one of the best ways to get started with R is to bootstrap your knowledge of other statistical applications. Thankfully though, the speakers made their slides available for download at the site (I converted a couple of them to PDF for those without access to PowerPoint). 

  • SAS: Bringing the SAS legacy into an R environment (Georgette Ackerman): PPT Slides and scripts, PDF Slides
  • Matlab: Matlab/R Dictionary (Harlan Harris and Marck Vaisman): PPT Slides and PDF Slides
  • SQL: Data munging with SQL and R (Josh Reich): PDF Slides
  • Clojure: From Lisp to Clojure-Incanter and R (Shane Conway): PDF Slides
  • Python: Learning R Via Python (or the other way around) (Drew Conway): PDF Slides

Thanks to the NY UseR Group for putting together such a great session, and thanks to the speakers for sharing their slides.

New York R User Group: Files

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