10 reasons why you should learn R

May 20, 2011
10. Can’t crack that hard Sudoku problem?? Use R!

9. Want to pick a skill that will give you an early adopter advantage?? Learn R! It is the leading open source statistical and data analysis programming language, and is heating up! 

8. Need to run statistical calculations in your software application?? Deploy R! It integrates with many programming languages like Java, Ruby, C++, Python

7. Looking for reusable libraries to solve a complex problem?? Get R! It has 2000+ free libraries to use in areas of finance, natural language processing, cluster analysis, optimization, prediction, high performance computing etc. 

6No Windows, No Doors – R runs on all the platforms. Just name it and you got it!! Windows PC, Mac, Linux to name a few

5Did you know how much fun stats can be- Try R!!

4Are you updated with the current trends?? Leading firms like NY Times, Google, Facebook, Bank of America, Pfizer, Merck are all using R, where are you??

3. Need to run your own analysis?? Need to solve an optimization problem?? Struggling with Excel or SQL in your model??….. just few statements away – Try R!! 

2. Want to create a compelling chart?? Try R! 

1. Want the coolest job in 2014?? Learn Statistics. It is the future. Data Scientists will be the sexy job in 2018

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