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Dates and times in R

March 16, 2012

Nothing looks funnier than a patchy simian. That's why we sighed a great sigh of relief when we spotted this article on the lubridate package in R. It saves a great deal of hair pulling.

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Plotting “time of day” data using ggplot2

April 14, 2010
Plotting “time of day” data using ggplot2

William asks: How can I make a graph that looks like this, “tweet density” style, showing time intervals? He then helpfully describes his input data: a CSV file with headers “time started, time finished, date”. Here’s a simple CSV file, tasks.csv: task,date,start,end task1,2010-03-05,09:00:00,13:00:00 task2,2010-03-06,10:00:00,15:00:00 task3,2010-03-06,11:00:00,18:00:00 task4,2010-03-07,08:00:00,11:00:00 task5,2010-03-08,14:00:00,17:00:00 task6,2010-03-09,12:00:00,16:00:00 task7,2010-03-10,14:00:00,19:00:00 task8,2010-03-11,09:30:00,13:30:00 Read into R, calculate the

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