Rmetrics slides

June 30, 2010 | romain francois

I presented Rcpp at the Rmetrics conference earlier today, this was a really good opportunity to look back at all the work Dirk and I have been commiting into Rcpp. I've uploaded my slides here (pdf) and on slideshare : Rcpp: Seemless R and C++V... [Read more...]

RcppArmadillo 0.2.1

May 19, 2010 | romain francois

Armadillo Armadillo is a C++ linear algebra library aiming towards a good balance between speed and ease of use. Integer, floating point and complex numbers are supported, as well as a subset of trigonometric and statistics functions. Various matr... [Read more...]

Rcpp 0.7.7

February 14, 2010 | romain francois

pre{ border: 1px solid black ; font-size: small ; } A good 2 days after 0.7.6 was released, here comes Rcpp 0.7.7. The reason for this release is that a subtle bug installed itself and we did not catch it in time The new version also includes ... [Read more...]

highlight 0.1-5

February 13, 2010 | romain francois

pre{ border: 1px solid black ; font-size: small; } I've pushed the version 0.1-5 of highlight to CRAN, it should be available in a couple of days. This version fixes highlighting of code when one wants to display the prompt and the continue pr... [Read more...]

Rcpp 0.7.5

February 9, 2010 | romain francois

pre{ border: 1px solid black; font-size: x-small ; } Dirk released Rcpp 0.7.5 yesterday The main thing is the smarter wrap function that now uses techniques of type traits and template meta-programming to have a compile time guess at whether a... [Read more...]

Rcpp 0.7.2

January 13, 2010 | romain francois

pre{ border: 1px solid black ; } Rcpp 0.7.2 is out, checkout Dirk's blog for details selected highlights from this new version: character vectors if one wants to mimic this R code in C __ x [Read more...]

External pointers with Rcpp

January 8, 2010 | romain francois

pre{ border: 1px solid black ; font-size: x-small; } One of the new features of Rcpp is the XPtr class template, which lets you treat an R external pointer as a regular pointer. For more information on external pointers, see Writing R extensions... [Read more...]

CPP package: exposing C++ objects

December 22, 2009 | romain francois

I've just started working on the new package CPP, as usual the project is maintained in r-forge. The package aims at exposing C++ classes at the R level, starting from classes from the c++ standard template library. key to the package is the CPP f... [Read more...]

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