Start here to learn R!

July 22, 2016

(This article was first published on R-exercises, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

start here to learn R

Ready, set, go!

On R-exercises, you will find hundreds of exercises that will help you to learn R. We’ve bundled them into exercise sets, where each set covers a specific concept or function. An exercise set typically contains about 10 exercises, progressing from easy to somewhat more difficult. In order to give you a full picture of all the amazing content on this website, we’ve categorized all sets into broader topics below.

If you’re completely new to R, we suggest you simply start with the first topic, “Simple manipulations; numbers and vectors”. Once you’ve managed to work through all exercise sets, from top to bottom, you should have a fair amount of knowledge of, and practical experience with, using R. Of course, those of you who are familiar with R already, can jump straight to any of the topics below.

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Note: For future updates to the overview below, please have a look here.

Have fun!

Exercise sets by Topic


  1. Vectors
  2. Regular sequences
  3. Logical vectors and operators
  4. Missing Values
  5. Character vector exercises
  6. Index vectors

Object modes and attributes

  1. Mode exercises


  1. Factor Exercises

Arrays and matrices

  1. Matrix exercises
  2. Array exercises
  3. Bind exercises

Lists and dataframes

  1. List exercises
  2. Data frame exercises
  3. Merging Dataframes Exercises
  4. Accessing Dataframe Objects Exercises

Importing data

  1. Reading delimited data
  2. Scan exercises


  1. data exploration with table
  2. Complex Tables – Exercises
  3. Cross Tabulation with Xtabs exercises

Data manipulation

  1. Get-your-stuff-in-order-exercises
  2. Summary Statistics With Aggregate()
  3. Data Shape Transformation With Reshape()


  1. As.Date() Exercises

Probability distributions

  1. Lets Begin with something sample

Loops and conditional execution

  1. Conditional execution exercises
  2. Scripting Loops in R


  1. Functions exercises

Data visualization

  1. Start plotting data!
  2. Customize a scatterplot exercises
  3. Graphics parameters exercises
  4. 3D plotting exercises

Contributed packages

  1. Data Table – Data table exercises: keys and subsetting
  2. Lattice – Lattice exercises – part 1
  3. Lattice – Lattice exercises – part 2
  4. Zoo – zoo time series exercises

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