Read more ebooks on your Android Galaxy tablet

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Since the Amazon Kindle, ebooks have passed traditional books in every possible sense of the word, and are now available on any tablet device out there. Folks embraced them all over the world. Thanks to electronic books, you no longer need to carry heavy, thick books any longer. You can go anywhere while carrying nothing but your tablet. But unfortunately, even if an ebook doesn’t require printing, shipping and distribution, publishers still insist on charging almost as much as the real deal, the printed book, even though it really is nothing but a digital file. Thankfully, there’s now another option for ebooks for your android ereader, and there’s a better way to read on your Galaxy tablet. Maybe you’re using your Galaxy tablet for movies, music, or browsing the web. But you can also read ebooks on it too. Sure you could buy them from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any big publisher, but you would have to pay full price. Now, thanks to a new service offered by companies who don’t want to force customers to pay as much as a printed book for a digital file, you can now have access to a full collection of ebooks for [...]