Purchase ebooks the cheapest way

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With the revolution in computing, tablets like the iPad and Android becoming hugely popular, and ebook readers being sold everywhere, we quickly see people turning away from physical books, and going instead for ebooks. Indeed, these are much easier to handle, because you can keep a large quantity in a small device, and they don’t have to fill your house. But as people transition to ebooks, they keep buying them from large book stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. But these stores sell ebooks for almost as much as a printed, traditional book. Here’s how to purchase ebooks the right way. You may have noticed it happening with music or movies. While stores still sell downloadable music tracks or single movies, a lot of people have moved to services like Spotify or Netflix, both offering unlimited titles for one single fee. This is the new way to enjoy entertainment, where you don’t need to pay every time you want a new show, or you want to try a new music track. With ebooks, the exact same thing is happening. Why pay full price for an ebook, when it’s in fact nothing more than a small file on a device. [...]