Call for Abstracts for useR! 2012

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The original article is written by Tal Galili at The international R User Conference useR! 2012 will be held June 12-15 at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, with a pre-conference full-day course offered on June 11. Participants are encouraged to submit a one-page abstract for oral or poster presentation at the conference. Half-day tutorials will be held in the morning and afternoon of June 12th. For tutorials, please submit a one-page proposal with course outline and narrative description along with the target audience. Note that the deadline for tutorial proposals is January 15. All innovative and interesting applications of R are suitable. A list of topics from past conferences is available at the conference website: Contributed oral presentations will be allowed 17 minutes, followed by 3 minutes discussion. Following last year’s success, all participants are invited to present a Lightning Talk, for which no abstract is required. The format for Lightning Talks is a 15-slide version of Pecha Kucha. Participants wishing to give a Lightning Talk must provide an informative title on their registration form. For regular talks and posters, please use the recently updated LaTeX or Microsoft Word/LibreOffice Writer abstract templates available at the conference website: [...]