IT User Skills Self-Study Certification Courses

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A fraction of the working population in the UK today are claiming to be happy in their job. Of course, most won’t do a thing. The fact that you’re reading this if nothing else suggests that you’re considering or may be ready for a change. It’s in your interests that prior to beginning a training course, you run through some things with a mentor who knows the industry and can make recommendations. Such a person will go through personality profiling with you and give you guidance on the right role for you: * Is it your preference to work in isolation or perhaps being around others is vital for your sanity? * What’s important that you get from the area of industry you choose? (Building and banking – not so stable as they once were.) * And how many years do you want to get out of your retraining, and can your chosen industry offer you that opportunity? * Are you worried with regard to your possibilities of getting new work, and being gainfully employed right up to retirement? The biggest industry in Great Britain to tick all of the above boxes is Information Technology. There’s a demand for more [...]