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6.5 Binary connections

Print PDF 6.5 Binary connections   readBin과 writeBin은 binary connection에서 읽거나 쓰는데 사용됩니다. binary 모드에서 “b”를 모드 specification에 덧붙임으로써 connection이 열립니다. 즉 모드 “rb”는 읽기

6.4 Listing and manipulating connections

Print PDF 6.4 Listing and manipulating connections User에 의해 현재 열려있는 모든 connection의 개요는 showConnections( )로 알아낼 수 있고, 닫혀 있는 connection과 terminal connection 등을 포함한 모든 connection의 개

6.3 Input from connections

Print PDF 6.3 Input from connections connection으로부터 읽는 기본적 함수는 scan과 readLines입니다. 이것들은 문자열(character string) 인수(argument)를 취하고 함수의 지속을 위해 파일 connection을 엽니다. 그러

6.2 Output to connections

Print PDF 6.2 Output to connections 지금까지 파일에 쓰기(writing)의 방법으로 함수 cat, write, write.table 그리고 sink, 파일에 붙여넣기(appending)의 방법으로 인수(argument) append=TRUE에 대하여 설명하였습니다….

4.3 R interface packages

Print PDF 4.3 R interface packages There are several packages available on CRAN to help R communicate with DBMSs. They provide different levels of abstraction. Some provide means to copy whole data frames to and from databases. All have functions to se…

4.2 Overview of RDBMSs

Print PDF 4.2 Overview of RDBMSs Traditionally there have been large (and expensive) commercial RDBMSs (Informix; Oracle; Sybase; IBM’s DB/2; Microsoft SQL Server on Windows) and academic and small-system databases (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microso…

4 Relational databases 4.1 Why use a database?

Print PDF 4 Relational databases 4.1 Why use a database? There are limitations on the types of data that R handles well. Since all data being manipulated by R are resident in memory, and several copies of the data can be created during execution of a f…

3.2 Octave

Print PDF 3.2 Octave Octave is a numerical linear algebra system (, and function read.octave in package foreign can read in files in Octave text data format created using the Octave command save -ascii, with support for most of th…