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How I analyze 100+ ggplots at once

March 30, 2022 | Business Science

Visualizing big data is next to impossible. As soon as I have 12 plots, that’s where my ability to use native ggplot suffers. That is until I found trelliscopejs. trelliscopejs is like ggplot2 faceting on steroids. This may seem crazy, but the benefit...
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R Shiny in Life Sciences – Top 7 Dashboard Examples

March 29, 2022 | Dario Radečić

Today we bring you 7 dashboard examples of R Shiny in life sciences. R Shiny is one of the easiest ways for developers to make production-ready dashboards when speed and functionality are crucial. Shiny is approachable with a lot of documentation available, and because of this, a lot of developers/researchers ...
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How to download Kobotoolbox data in R

March 28, 2022 | R on Asitav Sen

Kobotoolbox is a popular tool or platform used by Non-profit organizations across the globe to collect data. Using a R package it is now possible, with convenience, to download data from Kobotoolbox to R. Kobotoolbox Kobotoolbox is perhaps the most widely used data collection tool used by non-profit organizations across ... [Read more...]

Recreating the Storytelling with Data look with ggplot

March 28, 2022 | Albert Rapp

So, I found a great video from Storytelling with Data (SWD). In this video, a data storyteller demonstrates how a dataviz that does not demonstrate a clear story can be improved. Let’s take a look at the dataviz but, first, here’s the data.
<span class="lnt"> 1
</span><span class="lnt"> 2
</span><span class="lnt"> 3
</span><span class="lnt"> 4
</span><span class="lnt"> 5
</span><span class="lnt"> 6
</span><span class="lnt"> 7
</span><span class="lnt"> 8
</span><span class="lnt"> 9
</span><span class="lnt">10
</span><span class="lnt">11
</span><span class="lnt">12
</span><span class="lnt">13
</span><span class="lnt">14
</span><span class="lnt">15
</span><span class="lnt">16
</span><span class="lnt">17
</span><span class="lnt">18
</span><span class="lnt">19
</span><span class="lnt">20
</span><span class="lnt">21
</span><span class="lnt">22
</span><span class="lnt">23
</span><span class="lnt">24
</span><span class="lnt">25
</span><span class="lnt">26
</span><span class="lnt">27
</span><span class="lnt">28
</span><span class="lnt">29
</span><span class="lnt">30
</span><span class="lnt">31
</span><span class="lnt">32
library(tidyverse) dat % mutate(...
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An R alternative to pairs for -omics QC

March 27, 2022 | Nicholas Carruthers

Are you interested in guest posting? Publish at DataScience+ via your RStudio editor.CategoryBasic StatisticsTagsData Visualisationggplot2R ProgrammingtidyverseIntroduction The Problem: I've got a couple of problems with the commonly used “pairs” plot in R for quality control in -omics data. (1) It's not that space-efficient since it only uses half the ...
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RObservations #27: Canadian Prime Minister’s Dataset (my “first” Kaggle submission)

March 27, 2022 | Benjamin Smith

No. Name Political Party Term Start Term End 1 (1 of 2) John A. Macdonald Liberal-Conservative 1867-07-01 1873-11-05 2 Alexander Mackenzie Liberal 1873-11-07 1878-10-08 1 (2 of 2) John A. Macdonald Liberal-Conservative 1878-10-17 1891-06-06 3 John Abbott Liberal-Conservative 1891-06-16 1891-11-24 4 John Thompson Liberal-Conservative 1892-12-05 1894-12-12 5 Mackenzie Bowell Conservative […]
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February 2022: “Top 40” New CRAN Packages

March 27, 2022 | R Views

February was a good month for new R packages on CRAN. Here are my “Top 40” selections from the two hundred packages that arrived in thirteen categories: Computational Methods, “Data”, Genomics, Linguistics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Medicine, Networks, Science, Sports, Statistics, Utilities, Visualization. Computational Methods fastadi v0.1.0: Implements the adaptive-impute matrix completion ...
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Codegolfing Minecraft Lighting

March 25, 2022 | Jonathan Carroll

I occasionally like to participate in an odd sport known as ‘code golf’ where the aim is to write some code to achieve a given task using the smallest number of characters. The tradtional way to cheat at golf is to lower your score R isn’t optimised...
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