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Guide to Remove Legends in ggplot2 in R Programming

April 29, 2024 | Zubair Goraya

The data visualization with R, ggplot2 reigns supreme. However, a well-designed legend from a plot can undermine even the most elegant plots. Legends have the power to clarify or confuse – they're the key that unlocks the insights hidden within your graphs. Learning how to remove, customize, and strategically use ggplot2 ...
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Visualizing Power Models in Species-Area Relationships Using R Shiny: An Interactive Educational Tool

April 29, 2024 | Vinicius Bastazini

Considered one of the “few general rules” in ecology, the species-area relationship (SAR) – the ubiquitous pattern indicating that larger islands or habitat patches harbor more species than smaller ones – has played a pivotal role in shaping ecological theories (Lomolino 2000, 2001, Tjørve 2003, 2009, Dias et al. 2020). These theories aim not only … Continue ...
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Sketchy waffle charts in R

April 28, 2024 | R on Nicola Rennie

Waffle charts are a common way to visualise counts or percentages of categorical data. There are already several excellent ways of creating waffle charts in R - including approaches using {ggplot2} or {waffle}. This blog post uses neither of those. Instead, it describes a somewhat back-to-basics approach of simply drawing ...
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Evenly Spaced Month Charts

April 27, 2024 | R on jmarriott.com

I recently noticed that ggplot2 spaces date axes literally even when grouped by month. I’ve been using ggplot2 extensively for years and I don’t remember noticing before, so this is not really a big deal, but now that I know it bugs me a lot. Take a...
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Create engaging tables with R or Python using {gt}

April 27, 2024 | Albert Rapp

The {gt} package is a beloved package in R that allows users to create engaging tables. This package does so through a structured and easy to learn syntax. And the cool thing is that {gt} and its excellent syntax for creating tables is now available for Python too under the ...
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Office365 AddIns for R (Part III)

April 26, 2024 | Adam Gladstone

A while back, I introduced the __ExcelRAddIn__ ([Office365 AddIns for R (Part I)](https://adam-gladstone.github.io/r-project/Office365AddIns-for-R-part-I/)). This is an Office365 AddIn that allows you to evaluate an R-script from within Excel and use the results. This blog-post describes some of the recent updates to the ExcelRAddIn.
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What’s new in R 4.4.0?

April 25, 2024 | The Jumping Rivers Blog

R 4.4.0 (“Puppy Cup”) was released on the 24th April 2024 and it is a beauty. In time-honoured tradition, here we summarise some of the changes that caught our eyes. R 4.4.0 introduces some cool features (one of which is experimental) and makes one of our favourite {rlang} operators available in base R. ...
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