Bar plot of Group Means with Individual Observations

October 27, 2016

(This article was first published on Easy Guides, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

ggpubr is great for data visualization and very easy to use for non-“R programmer”. It makes easy to simply produce an elegant ggplot2-based graphs. Read more about ggpubr: ggpubr .

Here we demonstrate how to plot easily a barplot of group means +/- standard error with individual observations.

Example data sets

d <-[, c("am", "hp")])
d$rowname <- rownames(d)
##                   am  hp           rowname
## Mazda RX4          1 110         Mazda RX4
## Mazda RX4 Wag      1 110     Mazda RX4 Wag
## Datsun 710         1  93        Datsun 710
## Hornet 4 Drive     0 110    Hornet 4 Drive
## Hornet Sportabout  0 175 Hornet Sportabout
## Valiant            0 105           Valiant

Install ggpubr

The latest version of ggpubr can be installed as follow:

# Install ggpubr
if(!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")

Bar plot of group means with individual informations

  • Plot y = “hp” by groups x = “am”
  • Add mean +/- standard error and individual points: add = c(“mean_se”, “point”). Allowed values are one or the combination of: “none”, “dotplot”, “jitter”, “boxplot”, “point”, “mean”, “mean_se”, “mean_sd”, “mean_ci”, “mean_range”, “median”, “median_iqr”, “median_mad”, “median_range”.
  • Color and fill by groups: color = “am”, fill = “am”
  • Add row names as labels.
# Bar plot of group means + points
ggbarplot(d, x = "am", y = "hp",
          add = c("mean_se", "point"),
          color = "am", fill = "am", alpha = 0.5)+ 
  ggrepel::geom_text_repel(aes(label = rowname))
Bar plot of Group Means with Individual Observations

Bar plot of Group Means with Individual Observations

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