Articles by Ron Pearson (aka TheNoodleDoodler)

When are averages useless?

August 20, 2011 | Ron Pearson (aka TheNoodleDoodler)

Of all possible single-number characterizations of a data sequence, the average is probably the best known.  It is also easy to compute and in favorable cases, it provides a useful characterization of “the typical value” of a sequence of numbers.  It is not the only such “typical value,” however, nor ... [Read more...]

The distribution of interestingness

May 21, 2011 | Ron Pearson (aka TheNoodleDoodler)

On April 22, David Landy posed a question about the distribution of interestingness values in response to my April 3rd post on “Interestingness Measures.”  He noted that the survey paper by Hilderman and Hamilton that I cited there makes the following comment: “Our belief is that a useful measure of interestingness ... [Read more...]
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