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A brief survey of R web interfaces

November 29, 2009 | nsaunders

I’m looking at ways to provide access to R via a web application. First rule: see what’s available first, before you reinvent the wheel. It’s not pretty. From the R Web Interfaces FAQ: Software Brief notes Rweb Page last updated 1999. Of the 3 example links on the page ... [Read more...]

R has a JSON package

November 5, 2009 | nsaunders

Named rjson, appropriately. It’s quite basic just now, but contains methods for interconversion between R objects and JSON. Something like this: __ library(rjson) __ data json json [1] "{\"a\":1,\"b\":2,\"c\":3}" __ cat(json, file="data.json") Use cases? I wonder if RApache could be used to build an API that serves ... [Read more...]

RSRuby in the IRB console

August 6, 2009 | nsaunders

R is terrific, of course, for all your statistical needs. But those data structures! “Everything is a list.” Leading to such wondrous ways to access variables as “p
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Baby steps with RSRuby in Rails

May 20, 2009 | nsaunders

Plotting and charting libraries for Ruby (on Rails) abound. However, few are sophisticated enough for scientists and many are not actively maintained. Plotting in R, on the other hand, is about as sophisticated as it comes. Can we bridge Ruby and R? Yes we can, thanks to Alex Gutteridge’s ...
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An R Wiki

April 21, 2008 | nsaunders

It’s been ages since I visited the R website, so I don’t know how long they’ve had a wiki. It’s built using DokuWiki, one of my personal favourites. This is a great leap forward for R documentation, which is somewhat notorious for being (a) difficult to ... [Read more...]
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