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RStudio in the cloud, for dummies

February 13, 2012 | Ken Kleinman

You can have your own cloud computing version of R, complete with RStudio. Why should you? It's cool! Plus, there's a lot more power out there than you can easily get on your own hardware. And, it's R in a web page. Run it from your tablet. Run i...
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SAS Macro Simplifies SAS and R integration

January 26, 2012 | Ken Kleinman

Many of us feel very enthusiastic about R. It's free, it features cutting edge applications, it has a large community of users contributing for mutual benefit, and on and on. There are also many things to like about SAS, including stability, backwards...
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Example 9.16: Small multiples

November 29, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

Small multiples are one of the great ideas of graphics visionary Edward Tufte (e.g., in Envisioning Information). Briefly, the idea is that if many variations on a theme are presented, differences quickly become apparent. Today we offer general guida...
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Proc report for simple statistics

October 30, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

Ken Beath, of Macquarie University, commented on an earlier entry that the best way to generate summary statistics is using proc report. While the best tools might differ, depending on the purpose, we wanted to share Ken's code demonstrating how to re...
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Example 9.11: Employment plot

October 25, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

A facebook friend posted the picture reproduced above-- it makes the case that President Obama has been a successful creator of jobs, and also paints GW Bush as a president who lost jobs. Another friend pointed out that to be fair, all of Bush's presi...
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Example 9.4: New stuff in SAS 9.3– MI FCS

September 6, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

We begin the new academic year with a series of entries exploring new capabilities of SAS 9.3, and some functionality we haven't previously written about.We'll begin with multiple imputation. Here, SAS has previously been limited to multivariate norma...
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Taking August off!

July 31, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

We'll be back with recharged batteries and lots of new entries in September. Have a great summer*!As usual, please send any questions you have about using SAS or R.*Not valid in the southern hemisphere.
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Really useful R package: sas7bdat

July 25, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

For SAS users, one hassle in trying things in R, let alone migrating, is the difficulty of getting data out of SAS and into R. In our book (section 1.2.2) and in a blog entry we've covered getting data out of SAS native data sets. Unfortunately, for ...
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A third year of entries!

July 1, 2011 | Ken Kleinman

Contrary to previous reports, we started blogging after our book was published, with the conceit that we were adding examples to the book. Today marks the second anniversary of the book's appearance and of the blog. To celebrate, we're turning over o...
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