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JSON serialization now even faster and prettier

April 12, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

The jsonlite package implements a robust, high performance JSON parser and generator for R, optimized for statistical data and the web. This week version 0.9.16 appeared on CRAN which has a new prettifying system, improved performance and some additional tweaks for the new mongolite package. Improved Performance Everyones favorite feature of ...
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OpenCPU server update for R 3.1.3

March 11, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

Following the release of R 3.1.3, I have pushed a new build of the OpenCPU server to launchpad, dockerhub and OBS. This update has no changes in OpenCPU itself, but includes updated versions of R, RStudio and R packages used by OpenCPU. To upg...
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Compiling CoffeeScript in R with the js package

February 26, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

A new release of the js package has made it’s way to CRAN. This version adds support for compiling Coffee Script. Along with the uglify and jshint tools already in there, the package now provides a very complete suite for compiling, validating, reformating, optimizing and analyzing JavaScript code in ...
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RMySQL version 0.10.2: Full SSL Support

February 25, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

RMySQL version 0.10.2 has appeared on CRAN. This is a maintenance release to streamline the build process on various platforms. Most importantly, the Windows/OSX binary packages from CRAN are now built with full SSL support. On Linux, the configure script has been updated a bit to automatically find the mysql ...
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Introducing js: tools for working with JavaScript in R

February 16, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

A new package has appeared on CRAN called js. This package implements bindings to several popular JavaScript libraries for validating, reformating, optimizing and analyzing JavaScript code. It builds on the V8 engine, the fully standalone JavaScript engine in R. Syntax Validation Several R packages allow the user to supply JavaScript ...
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Minimist: an example of writing native JavaScript bindings in R

February 15, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

A new package has appeared on CRAN called minimist, which implements an interface to the popular JavaScript library. This package has only one function, used for argument parsing. For example in RGui on OSX, the output of commandArgs() looks like this:
<span>></span> <span>commandArgs</span><span>()</span>
<span>[</span><span>1</span><span>]</span> <span>"R"</span>                 <span>"--no-save"</span>         <span>"--no-restore-data"</span> <span>"--gui=aqua"</span>
Minimist turns that into this:
<span>></span> <span>library</span><span>(</span>minimist<span>)</span>
<span>></span> minimist<span>(</span><span>commandArgs</span><span>())</span>
<span>[</span><span>1</span><span>]</span> <span>"R"</span>

<span>[</span><span>1</span><span>]</span> <span>FALSE</span>

<span>[</span><span>1</span><span>]</span> <span>FALSE</span>

<span>[</span><span>1</span><span>]</span> <span>"aqua"</span>
Note how ...
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V8 version 0.5: typed arrays and sql.js

February 14, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

Earlier this month, V8 version 0.5 appeared on CRAN. This version adds support typed arrays as specified in ECMA 6 in order to support high performance computing and libraries compiled with emscripten. A big thanks goes to Kenton Russell (@timelyportfolio) for suggesting these features. Example: sql.js These new features increase the ...
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V8 version 0.4: console.log and exception handling

January 12, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

V8 version 0.4 has appeared on CRAN. This version introduces several new console functions (console.log, console.warn, console.error) and two vignettes: Introduction to V8 for R Using NPM packages in V8 I will talk more about using NPM in another blog post this week. JavaScript Exceptions Starting V8 version 0.4 ...
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curl 0.4 bugfix release

January 10, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

This week curl version 0.4 appeared on CRAN. This release fixes a memory bug that was introduced in the previous version, and which could under some circumstances crash your R session. The new version is well tested and super stable. If you are using this package, updating is highly recommended. What ...
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New in openssl 0.3: hash functions

January 9, 2015 | Jeroen Ooms

This week version 0.3 of the openssl package appeared on CRAN. New in this release are bindings to the cryptographic hashning functions in OpenSSL. Not exactly ground breaking (hashing functions have long been available from digest) but nice to have anyway. An overview from the new vignette: Hashing functions The functions ...
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OpenCPU release 1.4.6: gzip and systemd

December 29, 2014 | Jeroen Ooms

OpenCPU server version 1.4.6 has been released to launchpad, OBS, and dockerhub (more about docker in a future blog post). I also updated the instructions to install the server or build from source for rpm or deb. If you have a running deployme...
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Introducing V8: An Embedded JavaScript Engine for R

December 16, 2014 | Jeroen Ooms

JavaScript is an fantastic language for building applications. It runs on browsers, servers and databases, making it possible to design an entire web stack in a single language. The OpenCPU JavaScript client already allows for calling R functions from JavaScript (see jsfiddles and apps). With the new V8 package we ...
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New features in jsonlite 0.9.14

December 4, 2014 | Jeroen Ooms

The jsonlite package implements a robust, high performance JSON parser and generator for R, optimized for statistical data and the web. This week version 0.9.14 appeared on CRAN which adds some handy new features. Significant Digits By defaul...
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New package: curl. High performance http(s) streaming in R.

November 21, 2014 | Jeroen Ooms

A bit ago I blogged about new streaming features in jsonlite:
diamonds2 <span><-</span> stream_in<span>(</span><span>url</span><span>(</span><span>""</span><span>))</span>
In the same blog post it was also mentioned that R does currently not support https connections. The RCurl package does support https, but does not have a connection interface. This bothered me so I decided to write ...
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High performance JSON streaming in R: Part 1

November 5, 2014 | Jeroen Ooms

The jsonlite stream_in and stream_out functions implement line-by-line processing of JSON data over a connection, such as a socket, url, file or pipe. Thereby we can construct a data processing pipeline that can handle large (or unlimited) amounts of data with limited memory. This post will walk through ...
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